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'Absurd': Fmr. AG Holder on Trumps baseless accusations against Obama - burst 06


Records is tax returns. I think they're probably not that big of a mystery in the grand scheme of things. I mean remember in two thousand eighteen. The New York Times published a Pulitzer Prize winning article exposing the fact that in their words president trump participated in dubious tax schemes including instances of fraud and every bit of reporting throat. The decades has showed that trump is extremely dodgy about his finances. There is of course a lot more that would be useful to know about the finances. The man who served as president in terms of most money to for what the stakes today were crucially about basically the president and his relationship to Congress into the law is the above it. Can THE PRESIDENT. Tell Congress to basically take a long walk off a short pier when they request documents and subpoenaed them from third parties. Can you basically keep everything hidden from any outside legal authority joy out of breakdown? What happened today? Melissa Murray Professor of Constitutional Law at Nyu Co host of the podcast strict scrutiny. So Melissa. There's there's two cases here there one of them are congressional subpoenas against to financial firms as ours Deutsche Bank requesting it and so that was the first case that was heard. I want to just play a little. Bit of Justice Kagan on on that question can

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