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Trump lawyers urge Supreme Court to shield financial records


The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether president trump can block subpoenas to his accountants and bankers for his financial records that are not protected under executive privilege correspondent Jordan Phillips justice Elena Kagan press the president's attorney Patrick Strawbridge on why the president's personal financial records should receive special protection from congressional subpoenas yes I would like to hear your views on why that wouldn't suggest that there is a lower standard here not a higher one I guess I guess because the the fact that they think personal documents doesn't mean that they're not targeting the president the president's lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to overturn a lower court rulings that Congress does have the right to seek the documents justice Samuel Alito said the issue is whether something should be done to prevent harassment of the president on quote justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg noted that every recent president has voluntarily turned over his tax returns she pointed to past investigations including Watergate whitewater and Paula

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