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Should You Run Paid Ads to Get Consulting and Agency Clients


To another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about if you should run paid ads to get consulting and agency clients so Eric you have two things on this funny enough first off is I've seen you run paid ads over the weekend. I sent you a screen shot of how I saw two of your ads on the same page and then on top of that you have a program that teaches people how to grow their agency as well. So why don't you? I answer the question of. Should you run paid ads to get consulting clients and then let's go into if you should? What are the best perform wall yet? I'll just talk about the funnel. I think this will actually answer your first question because we have two programs. That are very similar once called the evergreen traffic machine. That's basically a framework how you could build traffic for your business. That's more forgetting consulting clients like you can actually generate applications that when you guys feel free to swipe this if you want. I'm not gonNA lizzani sleep. And then the second thing we have is the agency accelerated program and actually I WanNa Call Audit Final Romero. He's actually hard that program and he's attending today. And so you know going back to the evergreen traffic machine yes you should be running ads. You know why because we are able to target people on facebook or even Youtube for example. And what we do. Is We drive into to an application. So we say hey. Look if you're interested in in like a traffic framework. Here's a quick video on. It might be like fifteen minutes and then they can fill an application from there and then once they felt the application felt like a lot of info like what the revenue size is. What the goals are what? The content marketing budgets are and then from there. We can decide whether we want to take him on for like a sales phone call or not. That's on the agency side and that works now. The of questions on that before I moved to the program. How effective is it? I mean look at it this way. We are getting leads right now. We just started at the evergreen traffic machine thing. Backup for an application for someone to fill out application. I remember our past numbers in aggregate. It would cost us about two hundred dollars for an application. So what does that mean exactly so two hundred dollars for application. Let's assume that you know. A small percentage of those people actually qualified to work with us. So let's say twenty five percent and then we can close them at twenty percent or so that means for every sale that we get it could potentially be around four thousand dollars. You can even say eight thousand dollars and for agency side. Let's say our lifetime value is fifty thousand dollars. That actually makes it worth it right. So that's an example of how it could work all right cool and then let's go to the next one. Yep so the next one. I mean it's a very similar thing right. The idea here is get. You're providing people valley and you're providing people framework and I'm saying guys look I've built an agency before and you know look at what I have. In addition to all the other stuff I use my agency has a platform right. It's not just the agency is. How do you go beyond that and a lot of people wanna do that right now is a lot of people? WanNa start one a lot of people in a row on right now in there we just drive into Napa location and then we get on a phone call with them and I've actually been on a couple of these phone calls just to kind of do more customer development to tweak it but it similar funnel to the other one and you know it does well

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