4 Steps To Brand Yourself As A Leader, And The 5 Top Leadership Skills


You're listening to fill the Bella and this is flash by TDB. Today's question we're going to answer. Comes from to kneel at News Ltd Brisbane thank you. Question is all around heavy brain yourself as a leader About personal leadership identity in branding. Thanks a Christian in them. You know second branding before but let's tackle this from a lot more direct results penalty ship. Let's start with what actual. What do we mean what is meant by Pestle leadership entity to me? It's a little bit unique combination of qualities and talents that making unique and different as an individual in order to enhance leadership that to me is what personal leadership identity. It's it's what are the unique qualities and talents that you have so unique qualities and talents that distinctive as an individual that tomase what a personal ladyship identities because his different types of ladyship so I did I wanted to demystify what the whole personal leadership identity mates and again say to him because it's the foundation of the rest of the fleshpots. He's at ease the combination of qualities and talents. That make you. Unique and distinctive as individuals keywords qualities and talents unique distinctive an individual and that enhances your leadership style Let me flow on that Intensive trainings ahead. You brains yourself as a leader. Well I've covered this before but I'll explore again in. The context of Of ANONYMITY ENDED UP PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. And that is the next full step. Step one explore your voice. Make sure that you have that. Inner Voice your great communicator. At whether it's one on one situations whether it's stages to a lot of people and that's a key point because a lot of people in leadership think that it's just good one on one discussions one on one communication skills all. I think it's just able to communicate too many people at once to me. Great latest what they really have that When the building a personal brand is they're able to school. The voice spoke one on one. But in a situation where it's one too many so that's one connecting east obscure yourself and then upscale your team that's what Personal you know the branding yourself as a leader is all about. That's a great strategy to have strategy number two is all about upstream yourself but also being able to US upskill attained. Because you don't want to build too much of a gap between self team so you not only going to be able to obscure be and be pestle development but you need to be a good damn good Developing your team as well number three is all about focusing on your expertise different expectations when you building attain leadership meetings that conducts. Think of yourself. You know when you're branding yourself as a leader. You'll that conduct a standing in front of the ban and you have a certain expertise to spotlight. Highlight what your expertise. But then also know what the expectation of the taints and by highlighting expertise of yourself in the team. You will ensure that you are branding. you're branding the team and again that makes you a leader in the number four. They're important is to always ask for feedback member. It was in the people business. Where the whistling product or service and it's all about connecting person to a product or service in different than when leading teams. So when you're working on the strategy to build your existing brand you have to have a brand is known to ask for feedback. Re Temperate. In order is to adopt strategies. That will help you amplify your personal brain. One explore your boys number two obscure yourself and your team number three highlight put a spotlight on your expertise and those of your teams and number four. Ask for feedback now in. What is a good personal leadership? Model well Ship is the ability to develop and utilize positive leadership traits. So you WanNa really highlight your leadership traits and then you want to guide the direction of your loss instead of letting others guard you now. That's what leadership is all about. It's the guy again coming back to the conductor. Great leaders others conductors in every conductor. You think if you research conductors of bans conduct on orchestra and you watch the videos youtube some you see that all of them have a very unique and distinctive different style. All mariah to get the band the follows to play to the bait of music and play the music that needs to happen so when not talk about leadership and leading teams by always love using the example them conductors and concert fans because everyone has different stops. I'm a more animated. Some listen but they will get the results and coming back to the beginning where we talked about uniqueness coming back to where we talked about you know focusing on different skills and they you have as an individual this is what makes you'll you'll build your personal leadership traits. What do I find the top five leadership skills and the people have someone? I've seen good leaders mid again. This is the leader of the constant pain. The leader of politics a lot of work around politics are CD's common skills. That I say that is honesty and integrity and sat dental fantasy. Always bill antic deliver bad news in pathetically but honestly and deliver good news with energy and passion and honesty. But it's always honesty integrity or fantasy number one number two inspire others. You have to have the ability as a leader to inspire everyone in the world wants. Inspirational seeks inspiration. We gotta have this tribe. It's very important if you want to build your brain as leader number three is be committed and passionate and if you're not committed and passionate things off until Quebec commitment and passion is the common denominator of resilience so if you were. The resilience is a common denominator of Gum. Commitment and passion. If you have commitment a passion you are resilient and as a leader unique to have that Resonance Nick. One is good communicator. You need to be an amazing Communica days. This is another gosh. If you can't communicate ECON late you'd go to get people to be able to march to the bait of your drum. This is something that needs to happen and number five is accountability. You need to have accountability and you need to demand can ability from your team so if you do these things these are what are fun of Obama. The skills set up the right lane is honesty and integrity. Which again is open to city number to inspire? Abbas number three commitment and resilience number four is a good communicator and number five is accountability. And I think if you look at anyone that you admire is a leader in any field whether it's sports whether it's in work whether it's easy whether Seattle whatever leave should whether it's a a Fatah great leaders people that have people followed them all have these five traits from and it's important because one of the three most important roles of leader to me. Well latest have to do different things. Depending on the year's activities we discussed because leadership is he personal bomb professional family life all asked to be ladies in different roles. Different responsibilities so that the three opinion a very common and to me. It's all about being able to envision it's all about the number correct follows and it's all about being able to execute so the three tasks of a later Matt whether it's leading at home at one co leading self is that you have to have a vision. You have to be able to get follow as to see that vision and you need to be able to and if you can do those three things combined with what I've covered in this flash costs than you will build your personal brain identity and remember that brain is what people say about you when you leave the room so if you really WanNa know what people think that your brain will think about you and I do this in in groups. It's a great exercise to. It's what people have to say that you when you leave the room. What is your your your emotional engagement your affect your impact on paper. What did I say about you when you the room? I mean a great way to look at it as eulogies. You can tell if you read people's eulogies you can tell what that personal brand of that fascinating back from the eulogy that the here but attacked people talk about them. How I relate the bathroom with I remember about what stands out about them. That actually creates the brand of that person so everybody that wants to create a brand and we all need to mush apple phone but in particular as Neal's asked in terms of leadership Minnesota important to go back makes about what we just spoke about and done an really align it to yourself. I remember that it's all about being unique. It's all about the different till about keeping it real to yourself keeping an authentic. These are the things that happen because you know we often talk about a latest night will born well to me it. Spotter you Latest can be made at any time. If there's a will so there's a will there's a way but it's all about surrounding trump with throughout paper and of course some people are naturally boom out of talents that others don't have however it's not one or the other you don't need to be born. Alita to become a leader. I think that people need to understand that leadership is all about having the ability to get people to follow you around and personal ladyship been able to really brain yourself as a leader comes down to understanding your self understanding your audience and attributing all the things that we've spoken about in this flash cast until next time gumby the Bishops Bay. You've been listening to fill up the Bella in this cast by

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