Boston Mayor Walsh offers message of support to nursing home residents, employees


Boston mayor Marty Walsh updating the corona virus impact on the city during Monday's city hall briefing we have a total of eleven thousand one hundred and six cases that's an increase of fifty nine from yesterday in five hundred and thirty three people passed away an increase of eight from yesterday and I just wanted again just pass along our thoughts and prayers for those families who lost loved ones and also those families that are struggling with that of the stillness the Boston Medical Center is currently serving a hundred sixty four patients eighty two on the shelf aside eighty two on the hospital side altogether we have served more than six hundred fifty call the patients at the command center Boston hospitals are at a combined two hundred and ten percent of normal ice you capacity that number has come down somewhat but obviously it's not where it needs to be at and we need to continue to make physical distancing face coverings and good hygiene a priority on some updates and testing by the end of last week we had conducted a total of thirty six thousand seven to test or roughly five percent of the Boston population I rate a positive test last week was twenty percent per year over overall positive test rate down to twenty nine percent every neighborhood sorry so it's positive school down and that's a testament to the physical distance thing residents are joining an expanding testing city wide I want to thank you for that the neighborhoods with the biggest reductions last week response than with a ninety percent drop in positive results and Mattapan which had a fifteen percent drop that's a testament to the hard work of our health care inequities counts once in and and also the ways we're targeting our region testing try most impacted communities and all as that work continues I want to thank everyone involved there I also want to thank the residents are in the community who have done some amazing work by by practising physical social distancing wearing face mask and on all the things that are important mayor Walsh notes the devastating impact the viruses had on nursing homes these facilities are licensed and regulated by the state so our work in these areas tied to the state's efforts and done in collaboration with them but I want to assure residents and families and staff that we've been in constant contact with elder care facility since the beginning of this crisis in the city we speak with administrators of these institutions every single day and we're doing everything we can to get them the resources and the support that they need we created a disease containment strike team too right to help any facility facing operate currently we're actively supporting nine facilities as of may fifth we provide over four hundred fourteen staff ships which includes nurses nursing assistants and personal care attendants we've also worked to help administrative supports in these facilities we've provided two hundred six thousand items of personal protective equipment including sixty two thousand surgical masks six thousand facials and over fourteen thousand gallons I pledge right now in the city that we're going to continue our support financing homes in their residence they're the most severely impacted in this crisis that includes the families with loved ones in these facilities I know there is a desire for more information but we do our best to share the data that we can while respecting confidentially a person's health data the state has data from bosses facility we want to share that data on a weekly basis starting today as of may ninth across thirty nine facilities in the city of Austin two hundred fifty two residents had passed away that's forty eight percent of our city wide total we pray for all those individuals and their families and I know their families whose loved ones in the facility there's nothing week more they can remove the fear concern when you hear those numbers especially hard when you can't visit your family member we'll continue sharing as much information as we can I also want to speak directly to the residents of a nursing homes assisted living and other care facilities too much of the conversation is on the issue has been about you and not enough has been said to you I want you to know we see you we are thinking about you you are loved in value your contributed more to our city than anyone eleven now many of you served our country many of you raise your children and work for the institutions that we're relying on right now in this crisis you dedicated your life to making our community stronger and we must dedicate our office just safety and dignity not just during this crisis but also at all times we owe you everything we are working every day on ways we can support you and help keep you safe as summer approaches the mayor says his administration is working on ways to provide enough space to ensure social distancing we want to make sure our small businesses can get the support they need and we want to make sure everyone has a safe and healthy transportation options so in addition to our planned capital investment in safe and sustainable streets we've been looking for ways to expand space for pedestrians small business customers cyclists and bus commuters the things we are thinking about include expanding sidewalks in business districts that can help with physical distance thing especially where people wait in line for businesses that are following new capacity guidelines opening up entirely in suggestions a cycle issues which could also calm traffic speeds we we need to do this in a way that does not cut off from merging vehicles or delivery access for residents expanding bus stops or bus it making bus Ruprecht press priorities on the road well subway ridership is down we are seeing essential workers continue to rely on questions if these ideas will help us meet our goals we will develop proposals for specific locations to share with the community for the feedback before moving forward this is an important issue for safe recovery and we need to have an inclusive conversation to get it right

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