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Hey how you doing? Hey well I guess my closet and I are doing just fine. Thank you glad to hear it as you remember a while back we did a call out. Xm folks in prison to send a snail mail updates about what's happening inside prison during this covy at nineteen pandemic and we finally got some responses. Male takes his time coming out of prison. Yep So let's start with Richard Gross. He's in Pennsylvania at the State Correctional Institute at Phoenix. He writes at first. Corona virus. Didn't mean much here. It dominated the new cycle and fed the jailhouse rumor mills also known as INMATE DOT com. That's what you call prison. Twitter actually died. That's what your other co Holes Roussin Call prison twitter. That's right as you know. Prison do produce a ton of Gasol. Richard slider continues. It got everyone's attention when they cancelled visits in stopped. All are outside volunteers. Coming in as a SOP. They threw us some free phone calls and emails. Next handed up masks made by Pennsylvania Correctional Industries the library limited attendance to only ten people at a time as long as they were wearing their masks. Who Ten people. That's not a lot know. The libraries wanted him spots where you hang out at. It'd be like thirty people forty people in the NBA. People walking back and forth people could be on the computers people reading books so yeah ten people. That's only the legal beagles. Richard goes on to say that things are changing all the time last Sunday. I woke up to find myself block lockdown. They didn't tell us why. I found out from a local radio station that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections had a case of Corona Virus Phoenix prison. They opened up four cells at a time leading eight guys out for about half an hour to an hour to use the phone or take a shower. Commissary has not been delivered but they do our laundry. They come by a few times a day to take our temperatures. This could last a long time and a sad postscript that since. Richardson is letter. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections reported that one person incarcerated at that prison where he is did die from complications related to covert nineteen. That is with riches. Right though This thing could last a long time and prisons needs to be prepared for that Another guy who wrote is worried about how his prison is preparing. Tyrone Baker is locked up in Nash Correctional Institution in Nashville North Carolina. Tyrone says the most disturbing administrative action. I'm pertains to social distancing. The prison staff primary concern seems to be separating us from each other staff members of making no effort to distance themselves from US quite the contrary to staff is actually interacting with us more intensively and more extensively than they were prior to Covy at nineteen. They don't seem to realize that no prisoner would get sick with Kobe. Nineteen unless a staff member I brings into disease and that's a really good point. One of the reasons I stopped going in before it became a rural was just that I had no idea if I might be bringing the virus in right I mean prison. Basically sequester from society But they do need outside people to function so as tricky okay. We got one more letter here. This one's from intron price. Who's currently at two? Mocha Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach? Florida. Back when he sent this letter things in his prison were pretty quiet on the covert front of. Oh they've reported more cases since then any case. What about this guy is that he clearly respects lady? So can I please read this one? Go okay. I'm writing to you because my lady is a Superfan of your podcast. And she suggested to me strongly to write you guys. I'm not going to write a book but I can say a few things concerning how it's going. The institution is corona free in the staffer. Doing a good job trying to keep it that way. The VIBE is mellow no one is going crazy. There are people who have loved ones who have contracted the virus and we pray. Console them as much as needed. He wraps up. This letter isn't as informative as I wanted it to be but as a start and my girl will be happy. And that's accounts. Can we give her a shout? We can all right Haley. Thanks for tuning in spreading the word about your hustle and for strongly encouraging. Antara underwrite to us. We just got him some cool points. Unfortunately there are prisons where things are lot harder with covert nineteen and we'll be hearing about some of those places to in later episodes in the meantime those of you inside keep in touch. We WanNa know how you doing in there

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