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The Most Impactful Marketing Article Neil & Eric Read for 2020


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about the most impactful marketing article that needle and I have read for twenty twenty so I'll go first and Neil. You can feel free to chime in but one thing I read the other night. It's from this guy named J. J. A. Y. Couso Oh it's a C. U. N. Z. O. I think butchering the name again. I mentioned it to episodes ago if you Google Marketing. Show runners experience steph troms. You'll be able to find what I'm talking about and I think this is probably one of the most important things I've read in a while because you realize that everyone talks about especially. We talked about this on the PODCASTS. All the time we talk about Oh you have to produce content yet to produce content produce content but like you realize that there's just like this entire sea of garbage content and people are just producing CONTO CON. It's very transactional people are doing. Keyword research on Uber suggest whatever it is and it's just they're covering the answer right there but the problem is create transactional content. What happens is people? Come they get the answer and they leave. And that's it bounced that's it right whereas if you create an experience transactions the first part of the spectrum on the very far end of the spectrum as you take people on a journey right. It's about eight thousand words or so but it caused me to rethink everything we do right. It's okay how good are we? Driving an experience with our blogs with our podcast with the events that Neil and I do they're all at different ends of the spectrum like the products that I put together right or products that Neil does too. It's all about the experience. And if you don't create a good experience if you don't obsess over customer near contents do anything so in that post it was actually talking by making like a show that people love like marketing podcast. Which is funny. Because there's no mention of us and I'm like men may be were very transactional podcasts. I don't know but part of me thinks dot what we've been able to do with this is to be able to take people we've been able to build a community around it so the community is right before the journey right so it's literally you have a transactional of content. That's the first step. The second tier might be. You have an expert so I mentioned an expert might be like a sports analyst so I hear might be sports scores. The second one might be a sports analyst giving you the scores and that might give a little more authority there but then you cross over to building a community so at community example might be Neil night doing the growth accelerator group that we have right that is creating experience. That's creating a bond. That's very hard to duplicate anywhere else. And the beyond that. You're taking people on a journey so I really think everyone should read this at listening to this because it will reframe how you think about things and caused you to think twice about going out there and producing content for condensate. Because that's why a lot of stuff doesn't grow doesn't grow that quickly. It's because it's very ho-hum US neil yet. So my favorite article for the year so far and session at article two video but it's on marketing is Russell Brunson's Ot owes of your on Youtube search for Russell Brunson. Oto otiose stands for a one time offer and he breaks down no matter what kind of products service you're selling SASS product subscription ECOMMERCE. It doesn't matter you can make money through a upsell upon your checkout and you can have multiple works so well do you do it. Yeah and you guys already all know this so I'm not gonNA say hey you need add up saw because everyone already knows that but what he does. He breaks the copy. You should use. You don't have to be as aggressive as him. He breaks down the layout. You should use and what you need. A copy step-by-step and it just works and it's an easy way to make more money and it's not rocket science. I everyone can do it. It's super simple if you guys have a website your website because a chance. Are you trying to sell something? Or people subscribe something or generate a lead and his process teaches you the exact page to us to make more money from whatever type of business you have doing up cells right and people. Can I mean if you guys want to see examples of this you can go to click funnels DOT COM and Russell? Brunson actually has an active challenge called the one funnel away challenge and in there. You can basically WanNa buy his product You County. You can basically funnel him. That's a term that he uses to see how that one time offer works. So yeah I mean I think both contexts pieces

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