Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Wisconsin's stay-at-home order that closed businesses to limit spread of coronavirus


A piece of audio from a state Supreme Court justice this was from esquire magazine in discussing the governor's order to stay at home the assistant Attorney General Colin Ross appeared to be rethinking his career choice Bradley the Supreme Court justice went full on Glenn Beck never go full on Glenn back this is what the press called full on Glenn back listen to this judge my question for you is where in the constitution to the people of Wisconsin confer a sorority on the singles on elected cabinet secretary to compel almost six million people to stay at home and close their businesses and face imprisonment if they don't comply with no input from the legislature without the consent of the people isn't it the very definition of tyranny for one person to order people to be imprisoned for going to work among other ordinarily lawful activities where does the constitution say that's permissible council one of the bravest guys and the guy who appointed her to the Supreme Court successful governor economic education healthcare reformer Scott Walker joins us now governor how are you Sir Eglin even better today because of the Supreme Court yesterday sure okay so the Supreme Court yesterday in Wisconsin struck down the stay at home order what does that mean well there was no stay so it means technically anyone anywhere in the state of Wisconsin could be opened the one caveat to that is welcome to the home rule states so there are still the ability of local jurisdiction so a handful of communities city Milwaukee city of R. we're seeing a Dane county or state capitals at all very Liberal Democrat areas there governor should be there mayors and or account executives issued similar orders to what the governor's administration will done but for everybody else it means technically any retail establishment or whatever's open last night around the state there are other places out there although and I heard the tail end of year your last segment in the end the governor I've said for weeks the government can get out of the way but ultimately the market will determine when businesses reopen when employees feel safe to come back in when the when customers ultimately come back as well but it the first step is getting the government out of the way so Z. the get the new governor the guy who I think replaced you it had issued the stay at home order he said yesterday last night on CNN this puts our state in the chaos now we have no plan no protections for the people when you have more people in a small space I don't care if it's bars restaurants or the home you're going to be able to spread the virus today thanks to the Republican legislators convinced for Supreme Court justices not to look at the law but look at their political careers I guess it's a bad day for Wisconsin because now it's the wild west commented when it's it's like it's like they've suspended common sense not only in his statement but not others across the country we see this over and over again we've been operating for nearly two months now with the threat of this coronavirus in every time anyone goes in a grocery store every time someone goes into a pharmacy every time someone goes to the hardware store every time someone shows up in a in a manufacturing plant that is deemed essential by the government they've been able to do that overwhelmingly across the country safely so to me it just defies common sense that now certainly since the so called nonessential businesses can open finally because those justices actually upheld the law they did exactly opposite what he said they actually upheld the law now does that mean the people who've been operating safe we're certainly going to go crazy and and not use the same watching the done before of course not you know here here's here's the thing first of all I think you guys had the election when every but when nobody knew what was gonna happen and with that it shows that no there was no spread to from you guys holding L. holding the election which quite honestly at the time I would have found surprising but there was no problem for holding the election yeah I guess the the governor didn't learn his lesson from that one and when did we go from a let's not overwhelm the system let's not overwhelm hospitals and doctors and the nurses let's flatten the curve to nobody's going out until everybody is safe yeah it it's it's the flat occur versus now we have to find a cure before anyone can set foot out there the logic I went back and looked two months ago yesterday I wrote a piece on Facebook about how we need to be rational we needed to follow the guidelines we probably shouldn't have Dick's sporting events or concerts for awhile so we could figure this out but that we could do these things without shutting down the economy we just had to use our common sense we had to be purposeful interactions to make sure we're safe the same is true today over two months we flatten the curve but do you still have government officials whose immediately seem like they're hiding under their beds open a guide somehow this will just go away it's not going away it's not going to change anytime soon and if we don't win this year register Connie devastate but think of all the people across America who missed out on doctor's visits in clinics and other checkups who missed out on early detection I mean this is literally a life threatening issue even when it comes to re opening the economy so governor do you really believe that these people are hiding under their beds or is there something else involved I mean there is we have to balance things and that is what a leader does he gets advice from the FAO cheese and they save Valjean just tell me about the health effects and then somebody else has to advise is didn't tell me just about the economic effects and then I have to make choices as a leader on what we do we are now looking at a group of people in Washington and it seems to be falling on party lines that they for some reason we just don't want to open the economy and no one is talking about the deadly effects of America going down the drain or going into a deep depression not only the affects financially but the effects of health and welfare all over the globe millions could die because we go down it even amazing the group that are not aligned with that don't normally reference but even a United Nations report recently just this week showed that grave concerns about massive I mean we're talking crippling poverty around the world because of the economic effects here in their point was that this will actually have a much larger devastating impact on the Taliban casualties because of malnutrition because of the depression because of suicide because of all sorts of issues I think it's a combination of summer parade and some have an agenda when I look at Nancy Pelosi's and we could talk all day about her ridiculous three trillion dollar bill that's out there but one of the things I think's been ignored about what you did put out this week is they've got a provision that would extend the federal unemployment enhanced benefits till January one that tells me Democrats believe our whole some have an agenda that they want the economy not to open until after the start of the year which conveniently happens to be after the presidential election I I got to say if you're an American not a Republican not a Democrat now to conserve not a liberal but Americans that should scare the crap idea we should be doing something about it so do you think that the American people are I mean I think that my father used to say there is no such thing as bad it doesn't it nothing is bad it's depends on how you react to it that will make it a bad thing in your life for good thing you can go to prison for robbing a bank that's not bad that is something that you could use now to reforge yourself and and become better the corona virus I think has helped a lot of people get perspective on their life it is showing us that we need family and shows us that you know this arguing back and forth with the politics is really the Washington doesn't have the power we have the power we could use this to wake up on the bill of rights etcetera etcetera or we will allow it to destroy us do you think the American people are waking up on both sides of the aisle and saying wait a minute wait a minute these essential bill of rights liberties are really important I I do have some more slowly than others but but I do think they're waking up yesterday's ruling in the Wisconsin Supreme Court was a good step in the right direction because as I said after the ruling came out you know though okay holding the rule of law is important even in an emergency it's an important event and I'm optimistic it as frustrated as I am as as challenging as times are I think about American particular country that started out in defeating the greatest military power at the time who overcame a civil war that would have torn apart just to any other country in the world you ever came to me two world wars took on nine eleven were Americans and were country based on freedom and as long as we cherish those freedoms and liberties even in times like this I have no doubt we can overcome anything the part of that means of free will and the ability to engage in free enterprise that's something that I think it's fundamentally a part of who we are it's what king Solomon talked about finding joy in your labor I often say nobody signed by my high school yearbook saying good luck becoming it depend on the government we all no matter who we can where we come from what we look like we all in our hearts we want to work we want to find join our labor we need to get the government on lease and get it out of the way so that we can go back to work and and restore

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