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Advisory continues. Both days will be dry, hot, sticky highs will be in the Upper ninety's. The Heat index each afternoon will be up around 105 Some spots could goes high. As 108 or 109 they'll be a breeze tomorrow. There will not be a breeze on Thursday, so feel even hotter. The hot weather continues Friday. The holiday weekend lows chance for a thunderstorm on Saturday for the Fourth of July of these will be isolated otherwise partly cloudy. Ah, high of 95 And Sunday looks partly cloudy high Once again in the mid nineties. It is 91 degrees at the station. North Texas counts on for news, Traffic and weather News Radio 10 80 k. R. L D AM N H D K R A C FM HD to Dallas Fort Worth. Getting the North Texas six o'clock. Hope you had a great day. Glad. Joining us here for the Carol The afternoon news. I'm Kristen Diaz, along with David Rankin. We've got details coming up with traffic and weather together at 60 a but time now for the CBS Evening News. Reporting from the nation's good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, nor is off tonight. I'm major Garrett. The U. S. Could soon see 100,000 new Corona virus infections every single day,

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