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31 10 and a big victory of the Supreme Court today 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John Roberts, writing the majority opinion for the court. In what you say may be the right way, and we talked about that yesterday. This is a school choice case the Espinosa case. It's what we talked about on the air when we launch our school choice Initiative and just, you know, for folks out there, said Why now is not something the O'Jays obviously never been involved in. We've been involved with for a very long time before it was something. It was in fashion to even talk about. And when it was really just starting in the states across the country, and they've been working through these laws, laws that date back on the books that you know 18 hundreds and about whether or not states confront religious institutions at a time or any kind of Religious groups. Even if you have these voucher programs where it's really supposed to talk to the parents to make that decision, and I think now we're starting to see the erosion of that. That idea that you could somehow Distinguish between a private school is not affiliated with a religious group and one that isthe know that profits. That's correct. And we had a case a number of years ago for Josh Davies Davies versus Lock or Lock Me, Davies. And there, the court ruled that you cannot compel a government to pay for The seminary training of a student. What's interesting about this case is first, it limits significantly the holding in Lockerbie, Davey. And in fact, it says, this we've repeatedly held that the establishment clause is not offended. Not offended when religious observers and organizations benefit from neutral government programs. SEA Loch versus Davey, 5 40 US at 7 19 So that's great. It limited that holding and then protected the religious institutions or people that Choose a religious school among many options for school choice so that it's a very positive decision by Justice John Roberts, also just a Sam Alito wrote a concurring opinion. On which he obviously agreed that the school should

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