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What do we do about this? Everybody's angry, which


In Oakland. There was a city sanitation worker who was coming in to clean out the public restroom. These people were using the public restrooms sanitation worker came in up. If there is one group of people in America That is not a rich, privileged group. It's the sanitation work. A sanitation worker came in to clean to do his job to clean The public toilet. The occupy Oakland folks fought him to keep him from cleaning the restroom. And one of them bit off his finger. The guy went toe work, cleaning toilets, and they bit his finger off. Well, okay, That's what we're up against. And here we are back again. Because there are no consequences to this. You see. No. How long does this continue? How long do they occupied downtown Seattle. They occupied downtown Seattle until they just lose interest. And go home. What if they never do what if they set up their own food trucks? What if they rent out the space? The

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