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Your top stories. A space X


Your top stories. A space X Falcon nine Rocket roared from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station shortly after 4 p.m. Eastern time this afternoon carrying a navigation satellite into orbit for the US Space Force five. Or three One. Rockets first stage, then successfully landed on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Over 19 cases air surging in California and more than 6000 people have now died from the disease nation state wide. That is yesterday also marked a bitter milestone of more than 8000 new cases reported in one day. Health officials blame the rise on states reopening black lives matter, Protests and large gatherings. L. A County public health director, Dr Barbara Ferrer says they knew an increase in cases would come, but they didn't expect this steep oven increased so quickly. And Governor Gavin Newsom says he's planning on rolling back re opening plans to re implements strict health orders. He will make announcements about changes to restrictions and his Wednesday briefing

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