Russia offered bounties to the Taliban for killing American troops


Action to help developers get through the approval process faster. 60 wait now. House Democrats, returning from a briefing at the White House say they still have a lot of questions about the allegations that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban for killing American troops in Afghanistan. The question why President Trump won't condemn Vladimir Putin over the issue? The White House is president Trump has had not been personally briefed on the matter. He has been now there are indications the information was included in a printed version of the president's Daily intelligence briefing last year. Republican Jim Inhofe is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. I'm convinced of one thing after listening to it very carefully. This is somebody that I know the press licence think the president knew about this and didn't say the cover up? He didn't know about it. And I'm convinced that the intelligence community is looking into whether Russian payments went to the Taliban for the murder of three Marines in an attack last year near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. One of the reservists. Staff Sergeant Chris Lippman was from Newark, Delaware, the former Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rae Shard Brooks Khun B Free on Bond, while his cases pending

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