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The best and worst speeches in California is out Heal. The Bay has revealed its 30th annual report card. Water Quality Scientists. Look, Ginger says only 42 out of 500 beaches in California have had exceptional water quality year round. Most beaches on the honor roll are from Southern California. He says. L a County had a few on the honor roll was for this Cove Helles various long point In Redondo, say each and pass street. But another county wins the most. Torrance County had the most beaches on the honor roll with 20 which is double what we had last year, he says. People should remember to wait three days after starved to visit a beach so pollution could dissipate. Rob Newton care fine news, The governor of Mississippi assigned a bill to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag. The current flag is being retired state has used it since 18 94. Mississippi will not have a flag for a while.

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