Democrats briefed by the White


Next year. Major Next. Rossman. Thank you. White House says President Trump has now been briefed on intelligence suggesting a Russian plot to pay terrorists in Afghanistan to kill U. S troops. Today, Democrats, including Joe Biden pounced, saying the president failed to act. CBS's Hwi Jang reports tonight from the White House Sources tell CBS News No one Verbally told President Trump that Russia may have paid the Taliban to kill U. S soldiers. But the information was included in the president's daily brief a classified document that takes about an hour to read. I will never sit here and confirm or deny what is in a top secret secret document. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany disputed reports that the president doesn't read it. President does read this president, I'll tell you is the most informed person on planet Earth. Democrats briefed by the White House this morning left disappointed the right people to give

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