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That's your money now I'm Jim Tesco Cuomo News.


The stock market finished with solid gains today, the Dow industrials rising more than 200 points, the major indexes all rows at least 18% over the just ended second quarter, the market's best quarterly performance in 20 years. But shares of Boeing slid five and 3/4 per cent today. Following award Norwegian air shuttle cancelled an order for nearly 100 planes shares a FedEx are sharply higher in after hours trading, the delivery giant posted better than expected adjusted profit and revenue for the latest quarter. Even though home sales dropped home price gains accelerated in April, according to the SNP Corelogic Case Shiller index. It was up 4.7% in April from a year earlier, the biggest gain since December 2018. In Seattle. Prices were up 7.3% year over year behind, only Phoenix is 8.8% jump. That's your money now I'm Jim Tesco Cuomo News.

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