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Several days or more. Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch says they have suspended the search for G in until they get an ID on the remains on the campaign trail. Four years ago, President Trump promised to do away with the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he called the worst trade deal ever made today. It's replacement. The US Mexico Canada Agreement, or USMC, a takes effect. Russell Boning who heads the Texas Foreign Bureau, says this will bring stability to the markets. Over 30% of net farm income is from exports. Canada and Mexico are always in the top three. And more than 12 million U. S. Jobs depend on trade with Mexico and Canada, Texas as close to one million jobs supported by Mexico and Canada. Through two days of early voting in the Texas primary runoff. Democrats have nearly doubled the turnout of Republicans in Harris County. Today, more than 5400 Democrats cast in person ballots, compared to about 1800 Republicans. Overall dims have now cast just under 40,000 ballots and Republicans just under 20,000. Early voting continues through July 10th. Election Day on July 14th th news time. 10 03 The state of Mississippi is retiring It's state flag and organizing a group to come up with a new design. Republican Governor Tate

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