Episode 107 Liberals and WE are BFFs - burst 4


I think so I guess like A. Black lives matter like there's things he should do about that. I suppose, but that's not what the issue is your day. They're like. Oh, very confused and we're like okay, and then left so yeah, that was very weird. Part of the history of that action was the this I guess. Justin Trudeau and team had this expectation that that was something that could happen given that we were the honored group and had people ready. To come approach us and say Hey Peretti for you. Let's have this conversation. That we had no intention of having. Yeah I was washing as I said from far and that. That protest action was just so incredible to witness from a outside and to see people react to it, and in the intervening years I, mean I've thought a lot about the that that that event, but the thing that strikes me that they didn't really strong before I. Mean before I left Toronto, the pride parade was. Obligatory like I was in the pride parade for probably seven years I still who have an wear, the t shirts that from every time that I was in the parade for the contingents that I was in New Sandy, of course you as well, and the the history of Black Queer Activism in Toronto in Canada as being like really the foundation of Queer activism like the radical Nece, the collective from the DEUCE and Street House in Toronto that to form like queer black radical thought. folks DIONNE brand who pushed the women's movement into like actually being active, and of course activists around her to making sure that black queer women's voices were not just represented, but like that their demands being like the the most radical and in radical. What a mean is like the things that unless they change, nothing will change like unless we make life better. Better for Black Queer women. Nothing is going to be better for anybody like dot is is really foundational, and it's not something that I had any concept of Oh not that I was formed in in Queer history really, but the pride parade had become had become. Is I mean if it was happening today? We'd probably be saying. Oh, another day of A. Corporate Pride Parade it had become so corporate, and that was normal that that you'd be marching between sure. There are lots of unions in the parade and lots of collectives and progressive organizations. We were always there for students. but there was always like you'd be between fucking. Td Bank Air Canada fucking Royal Bank like Telus, name it. They were they were in the parade, and the the attention that that action put on on the purpose of pride on the role that police play in Toronto. I mean that had happened not long after a massive sting of Toronto Police of Queer men who were cruising in a public park. That's

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