Overnight area dries out. We're looking at a low about 70 degrees. As we go into our


North first where we're seeing a pretty good delay now from comin down the bridge Street. You have a crew working out there. They're in the process of reconfiguring 95 in both directions there. As they continue the ongoing rebuild of 95 started around, Gerard. They're going to take it north of Bridge Street next. So be prepared for those delays. Also in Delaware County. The delays continue both ways. South bound your jam for 52 to the Delaware Stay in line. North found heavy from the state line up to China Chester Avenue. Also, we're heading into Bucks County trying to get off that street Road Watch for some delays on the off ramp there at ST Road from 95 north through to construction. Lincoln Drive closed outbound from Ridge to Clive Din and that ongoing project that will reopen 5 30 tomorrow morning in about an hour. They'll reopen Walnut Street, 38th and University City. It's been closed for some water company work. Since about six tonight. Delaware River Bridges The worst of it is the common or bury it slow westbound heading into Pennsylvania because of that construction pattern there. Also in New Jersey construction on a 55 South bound wants for delay south of Del C Drive to continue Mass transit. No major problems in the K, one of any 24 hour traffic center. I'm Brian Ramona. Now, the five day forecast here's at BC 11th Alert meteorologist Crystal Clyde

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