Episode 41 Anarchy Ensues


It's a profoundly boneheaded idea, and it's a real travesty that so many people are falling for this idea. It's just crazy. I mean the rich parts of town will probably hire their own private security forces, so they'll probably do okay. The poor parts of town are going to be like war zones, and if you're thinking, is that well someplace? Officers are racist, so let's do away with all police officers, the bad parts of town that's mostly minority neighborhoods, and they're going to be in awful shape, and I can say that the city of Minneapolis. Is Pretty much on its way to join other cities like Baltimore Saint Louis Chicago Baltimore. You know that had a pretty consistent homicide rate of two hundred homicides a year until right around twenty fifteen and whenever that Freddie Gray I think it was the guy killed by the police officers or I should say died in their custody. A number of police officers were charged with having anything to do with. His killing and to his credit, there was a lot of these trials in fact I think all of them were held in front of an African American judge, just as a court trial meaning that jury was waived, and this is one example of a judge doing the right thing. He just said No. There's no evidence. The fact that this guy was being transported from point a to point B., and then he was found at point. B To be deceased does not mean that all these police officers killed him. Somehow, let's hear your case. You have no case so that was great. It's actually possible for A. A judge to do the right thing on occasion, but anyway I think that's the most boneheaded idea I've heard about adopted on a mass scale in my lifetime. Is this abolish the police? It's extremely stupid. I do have one proposal a nights ago. I was watching this documentary America. In color and it was the decade of the twentieth when everybody was buying Ford Model Ts and there were few newsreels that showed I think it was downtown New York, but whatever the downtown city somewhere where it was a complete mad house, who was driving? Where and I think they were all driving on the right anyway, but. Because, even horse and buggies were doing that in America, but there was no rhyme or reason about who would stop, and who would go at what intersection, so all of a sudden streetlights were invented, and then it showed the downtown city where there were street lights, the green for this way and read for that way, so you guys had to stop, and it kind of made sense in the documentary was treated as kind of a just a right of passage cars. Cars are becoming more prevalent, so we need to develop ways that cars will accommodate each other and do so safely. So that got me thinking. It seems like protests, nowadays more and more, they involve people streaming out into the street or a highway and stopping traffic, and apparently sidewalks are just not good enough. You can't protest enough. Just standing on a sidewalk with a sign, you have to go stop traffic so while there is already kind of a common law agreed. Principle that if you are endanger, you can. Protect yourself and get out of the danger whatever the situation is! That's called common law. I think it's time that we specify. Make specific laws on the books as to. What situation will allow a motorist to drive through and at what speed limit to dry through a crowd of protesters, because this is becoming more and more prevalent where protesters go out onto the street or on the highway and they blocked traffic. And occasionally they come across the car, and they decide to smash it, and if the person is really unlucky, then they pull that person out of the car and stomp on them, and that person is almost killed, and so forth I think it's become just a right of passage in our country now where we need to specify in what situation and under what circumstances a person can drive through protesters and I think it's going to be along the lines of. subjectively, the driver felt endanger for their life, and also that that. Feeling was objectively reasonable, which means that it's not just you the paranoid driver?

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