Wimbledon Re-Lived 1985


Hello, everyone and welcome to tennis relived Wimbledon relived day three. We've taken a trip back to nine hundred, seventy, eight and nineteen, eighty and today we're taking a trip back to nineteen eighty five. We are firmly now in the territory of David, laws voiced and cavernous memory I. Don't know if that's a good thing necessarily, but but it's where we are you doing David. I I'm enjoying trip down memory lane, and yeah, it's it's. It's very interesting. Watching scenes from my childhood that I have not watched since and trying to. Find out whether my twelve year old brain. Had any sort of accuracy in its its conclusions. You couldn't quite remember watching the one thousand nine hundred eighty book McEnroe final that we covered yesterday. The you were aware of it in your consciousness. Do you remember watching? Boris Becker Kevin Curren Nine, thousand, nine, hundred five. You remember where you were. Vividly. Are would typically do you remember what your head was like? It was appalling. It was it was probably quite similar to Kevin. Currency if I'm honest. All sort of curly and waffly. So I would have been twelve years of age I just got into the the senior school is as we used to call it and I was just watching Wimbledon back toback hour upon hour, and there was nothing else tennis wise to watch I didn't even know. Existed I was absolutely fascinated after that tournament to try to find. Opportunities to see a tennis match with Boris Becker playing somewhere else. To See. 'cause I couldn't understand how. How does Barsebaeck not win every tennis match that he plays given how hard he hits the ball, I knew nothing of clay coats and hardcourts and things that did as a twelve year old seeing seventeen year old win Wimbledon. Did it did it make you think oh? Crikey, I'd better start achieving some life goals I remember I remember watching the dull when the French Open realizing we the same age and thinking. Catherine! You've achieved nothing in your life. Salt. Out. The way couldn't it could inspire you or it could make you feel like enough to fight. Now on C., no, because twelve to me seventeen was really old, and seventeen was basically a man, and I was such a young child including my age, but I look back at it now, and it does make me shudder to think of what this we having just watched it to watch. This guy who seventeen who physically is easing credible presence, and he's muscular and strong and strapping, but he's got this really young. Young, face, and he you hear him. We've just had him interviewed after the match as well and and it does make me shudder to think my word this on his shoulders, and yet it was also very exciting at the same time. Not your formative Tennessee's will have been spent watching Boris Becker the pundit. Boris Becker the coach. I know obviously you'll have been very aware of know what he achieved in his career, but actually. Watching it back in seeing a seventeen year old Boris Becker wate struck by. Well. It's actually quite difficult to reconcile as you were saying the Boris Becker. I've always known with this Boris Becker. I actually think that this achievement of voice rose Becker winning Wimbledon seventeen oversee I've always been aware of it, but I and in many ways it's. It's become a more extraordinary achievement as time has passed, and as the sport has got kind of older, and it's hard to make those breakthrough so young, but also in a way. It's actually one of those achievements, which is so of its time that if you didn't live through it, it's really quite difficult to understand the impact that it had and the feeling that it gave people, so it's interesting to go back and read about it and walked in here David's memories of it. I mean what I'm struck by is the sense of belonging that he seems to have on that court. He is striding around the coal like he owns the place. He would go on to say that it was his living room. Denise and Toco famously, but and it's like that he's. He's walking with such confidence playing such. Tennis okay, it's one thing to have the game another thing to believe in the game and know that it's a game that you can win, and that just comes through on just as you watch all the match really. I didn't anywhere with confidence when I was seventeen I was just to a crippled bull of angst. And Self Doubt I. Mean I I just can't relate. Assholes, everyone, stop looking at me. Not Looking at you, you think everyone is looking at you any of that. Yeah I think my my mum describe. That is the peculiar phase when you didn't like taping taken.

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