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Right now. There are many faces of American icon. Jane Fonda. She's movie legend Henry Fonda Daughter a two Time Academy award, winning actress, an outspoken activist, a famous wife, the best-selling fitness expert of all time and author of books that have sold millions. Jane's Personal Life has been an open book. I've admired her for always speaking so candidly about Bolivia sex aging plastic surgery. Tonight on next Chapter Jane reveals yet another side one very few in the public know about Jane, Fonda I ever interview with her African American daughter. Mary In nineteen, sixty, seven Jane Fonda started making the cult film Barbarella. The Vietnam War was raging, and the summer of Love was in full swing that same year, a baby named Mary Lou Williams was born in the toughest poorest area of Oakland California. Mary was the fifth of six children. Her parents were both active members of the militant Black Panther Movement within her family and neighborhood Mary was surrounded by drugs, prostitution, teen, pregnancy and alcoholism. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, Mary's Uncle Landon. Her father's brother noticed that Mary was neglected by her family. He feared for her safety in Oakland. He enrolled eleven year old. Mary Laurel Springs Summer Camp. A performing arts retreat created by Jane Fonda and her then husband Tom Hayden. During the several summers. Mary spent at Laurel Springs. She and Jane became close syncing something special in Mary Jane wanted to save her from a bleak future. With no fanfare. Release No Paparazzi photos Jane Fonda opened her home and started to raise Mary as her daughter. It's been almost thirty years now and Jane is still mom to Mary. Tonight Oh, next chapter I stopped by Jane's Gorgeous. Beverly Hills home to meet Mary and to hear their remarkable mother daughter story. Jane's House Looking. Looks. You also thank you Mary. There know you because. because. I'm excited. Upstairs you. Thank you thank you. Thank you all. This is all very modern past. Beautiful Miss Fonda really is. How are we arranged a my senate year? Here I'm here. Okay, Lou, you're here. I'm here. You're the low Lewa quickly, notice. Friends and Family Call married by her nickname Lulu well i. have to say this. Is Your first interview actually with your daughter? Most of the world didn't even know that you had mary. As daughter well, it's not that I've kept it a secret. But During the time that Mary came into my life, and then during a chunk of I was under the radar right I mean I was with Tad and and there was a time whenever we go to a black-tie man. I would never WANNA do the red carpet or I kind of shied away from those moments. You never thought that she was like hiding. You know. and. You were never hiding her. It didn't talk about. First of all let me just say you do such a beautiful job in the lost daughter? It's such a beautiful job by the time. I finished. I have to tell you I had reckoning with myself about my own family because we have so many similarities. And your reconciling is a part of what I was trying to do. In her memoir, the loss daughter, Mary vividly recounted Tumultuous Childhood in East, Oakland. Mary's parents were very involved. Members of the Black Panther Party. It was considered an extremist group formed in the late sixties to fight police brutality against African Americans. Mary attended the Black Panthers Elementary School. Her father spent most of Mary's Childhood in prison for his role in a shootout with police. Mary writes that her mother was cold and indifferent to her. There's a time in the book where you described your mother as being joyless with having children. And that she was doing it out of a sense of duty I have to tell you my whole life I've been looking for what the word was. That I felt from my mother. And that is the words that is the word out of a sense of duty. What was life like at home with your mother at the time? Can you describe it for us as you have? My mother was drinking very heavily and she was also a very angry person. And, it was unbearable I knew that she couldn't stand. The sight of me are having me around and I. Think as we got older, she had this sense of duty to feed us in houses, but I think that's kind of where where it ended, and as soon as we got older, she just wanted us out and I knew she wanted to sound. She would tell me I want you out. Mary's way out to came through her uncle Lyndon. He was an officer in the Black Panther. Party a group. The FBI called at the time, the greatest threat to the nation's internal security landon new Jane Fonda through her work with the panthers. When Jane invited kids from Oakland her children's camp at Laurel Springs Uncle Landon sent his niece Mary. Like Jane Landon calls his niece by her nickname loop. Back on the impact of Laurel Spain's on on lose life. I think fundamentally. Changed her life. Completely chain took time on one on one when Lulu to talk to her about what it meant to grow up to be a young woman. So you? All had gone to camp Santa Barbara. Little Black Girl, a family of Black Panthers Kiss and you meet Jane Fonda. Yes. I saw her at the at the at the camp and I knew she was famous I. Think She's probably most famous actresses at the time and that was exciting, but I think the whole experience being outside of Oakland for the first time being around so many different people white people in general, it was a cultural shift, and and just a little bit of culture shock, being around people who could see me. I mean really seeing me and talked to me and inquired about me and open me up to new things, and it was terrifying at first. But then. I just embraced it and I ran with it. Explain what you mean when you say when people could really see me because you would think that in your community in your neighborhood and your family that that is the place where you be seeing not when you go to a camp in the hills of Santa Barbara. Tell me what you mean by being seen. Seen that's good I think being in in the family that I was in being the young one of the youngest I was number five in a group of six. You can get

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