Boston's Norwood Hospital Closed Temporarily, Patients Evacuated Due To Flooding


Hospital remains closed this evening as officials deal with damage from yesterday's flooding. More than 100 patients have been evacuated from the hospital now and relocated to other hospitals. Last night's day luge of nearly four inches of rain left feet of water in the hospital's basement, flooded out the parking lot to destroyed a few cars. Not exactly clear just yet when the complex will be completely re opened. Crews have been assessing damage, but there has been a hotline set up. If you have a loved one being treated at Norwood Hospital, he want to find out what's going on with them called 781769 for 1000. Agan 781769 for 1000 the person who picks up the phone will be able to tell you where you're loved one has been transferred to, and officials say, if you need emergency treatment you're near. Nor would normally would go to Norwood Hospital. They asked you to go to Beth Israel Deaconess and Needham or sturdy in adult.

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