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Indoor Fitness Centers Fighting To Reopen In New York


Owners of small gems in New York are teaming up. They're suing the Cuomo administration for the right to reopen WCBS reporter Marla Diamond spoke to an owner, one of them on the Upper West Side boutique. Gym. Owners are on the brink of losing it all, says Adrian You Godowsky, owner of Westside Pallotti's in Manhattan and Long Island City. She says. Some won't reopen. They've even thrown around the percentage of maybe 75% won't this will really kill our industry. Ogonowski says her Pallotti studio only handles 3 to 4 clients at a time. It's very confusing for us because many of us think we're personal service because some categories were labeled under such But the state has determined in this matter that we fit under Jim's. A spokesman for the governor would not comment specifically on the pending lawsuit, but said every decision they make is based on data and expert analysis, and they're continuing to study how and when indoor gyms and fitness centers can open safely.

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