Have lost their lives to the pandemic to date.


More than 1700 plus 17 more deaths. North Carolina Republican Party is cancelled its annual in person convention after the state health director recommended against holding it because of the covert 19 threat convention was originally set for May in Green. Volvo. GOP officials delayed it. Until July, And now they say they'll hold a virtual Onley convention to choose delegates to the Republican National Convention and to complete other business. A 14 year old was killed Another person critically injured after a shooting in North Charlotte this afternoon. See MPD says Terrian. Jeter. The 14 year old was fatally shot during an argument at an arcade on babies Ford Road this afternoon. A second critically wounded victim of that gun. Violence was found near the 1400 block of West Trade Street and taken to the hospital, according to police. Got a sports update. Common forya in just about two minutes. Wlbt news time A doe too. Home. There's no place like it. Follow me. Nick Offerman as I take you on a journey through the history of home. Our home's embody our environment. Our history. If you get close, you can still see fingerprints and ourselves. There's the heart that goes into it. It's a place that has soul. The history of home exclusively on curiosity stream. Hi Lucy from Texas here, with more of our time spent at home. It was inevitable that our dishwasher stopped working.

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