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Dot com Station. Good evening, I'm gonna send words Unexpected Cove in 19 advice from the Trump administration after a check of weather. Cloudy skies astray evening thunderstorms. Two possible Lo's there 70 degrees Wednesday. We have partly sunny skies, but midday afternoon and evening thunderstorms possible highs in the upper eighties, NBC 12. This is meteorologist Tim Duncan for NewsRadio, 11 40 W. Arba and now on 96.1 of them and from the news Radio w R V, a Weather center. Sonny into Ah, Hot day at 84 degrees in Highland Springs News Radio w R V eight time eight o'clock on what appears to be a major about face within the Trump Administration. Vice President Mike Pence admits there are now more than 2.6 million covert 19 cases in the U. S, with 12 states

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