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Bonus Episode - Talking Paranormally 2 with Scott Larson and Jack Chavez



I'm your host and one half of ghostly podcast Pat Harrington Today on talking para. Normally we will be talking about the scariest places on earth which are cemeteries. And I don't need to hear myself. That's great so let's get to know are awesome panelists a little bit. With me as always is the yen to my Yang Rebecca rivers. Rebecca is also a host and resident believer of ghostly podcast. She has been interested in the paranormal and all things spooky since childhood. Rebecca is also the host of the walking dead podcast on the DMP network, and can be heard on multiple memorium development podcast, including freak of the week and Mr Wiggly's moist unhappy. Friendship Garden and I believe one time on Bob after dark. Rebecca received her masters degree in English literature from Depaul University and love sharing creepy bedtime stories on goes sleaze YouTube channel. So Hey Rebecca. Excited to be here. Next up is the man who puts the Bob in Bob after dark Mr Bob. Anderson. Bob Is the host of the paranormal podcast Bob after dark. He has been paranormal enthusiasts since he was a wee little ad. Bob. Has Dabbled in many aspects of the spooky world from both research and investigations. Bob Is sort of a Swiss army knife in the colty world, knowing a bit about not only ghostly haunting, but crypto zoology and deem analogy. Bob also helps people with any sort of paranormal phenomena that they may be experiencing, and sometimes he actually does some it work as well. A. Panama all law on Lok ropy you said Rebecca's the near Yang. You didn't call me to like the peanut butter jelly ear the. The butter on your toast man. Oh, you're somethin'. Not Allowed to diss my awesome panelist here then we are going to go with Jack Chavez. We met Jack I at the southside podcast, and he's been very important member of our society and a guest on our Lincoln Park episode. Jack Chev was born and raised in Chicago. He received his bachelor's degree in anthropology anthro. Excuse me anthropology and a minor in history. He has collaborated with mutual UFO Networks Illinois State Director Sam Maranto. Chicago's northside prominent medium Christine's Ennio he has also consulted for discovery channels expedition ex as well as the CW show mysteries decoded. He has investigated several haunted locations in the Midwest. He's co-piloted. Several ghost tours interviewed several witnesses to apparation. SASQUATCH, Mothman. Angels fairies Alien Beings. Time slips and more I don't know if there could be more on his interest, are at the allergy, physics, literature and Earth Science. Here's a fun fact Jack. He gives a polite nod to the neighborhood cats because he feels like they judge him as he walks by. Hey Jack thanks for being on the show unfortunately I think we've had some tech issues and I'm not sure if we can hear. Joey, there is weight. Well Hey there is. Welcome to talking pair normally. And finally we have Scott Larson. We first met Scott at C. Two when he leading amazing panel that discuss some Chicago, gangsters and haunting 's. He's also highlight for me at every seat to eat, too. That I've gone to Scott Larson is a native chicagoan and as a graduate of University of Chicago as well as the American Academy of Art Chicago. He's a historian, religious education teacher, and an artist best known for his work in advertising and the Comic Book Industry He is currently the Creator and artist of the graphic novel series visitations visitations is the history of Chicago as seen through the eyes of the residents of the city's oldest cemetery. Hey Scott welcome to talking para normally. Thanks, thanks for having me. so I thought that in-between hand I am going to say a quick little fact about cemeteries, and then we could just launch into our stories here. the way that the show works. Each panelist will tell us about a cemetery that they've chosen to talk about. Then we will open that story up to the rest of the panel and Then we will eventually ask Youtube and our zoom attendees. which we have a few for questions or anything that people would have to say comments, questions concerns maybe even. I I have often thought that a graveyard in a cemetery are just interchangeable terms, but I was wrong. Today cemetery refers to a large burial ground, typically not associated with the church, the first citation in the Oxford English. Dictionary, Rebecca. I know that's one of your favorites. Love the only D.. Yeah. for graveyard comes from nineteen sixty seven. And, a graveyard is typically smaller than a cemetery and is often associated with the church, so it's part of a churchyard.

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