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And offered the voters in November with President Trump refusing to wear a face mask during the pandemic. Joe Biden held a news conference to berate the president's leadership. Former Vice President Joe Biden in a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware, criticizing President Trump's handling of the pandemic statewide, locked down so many Americans lived under for months. Were intended to bias Time together, act together instead of using that time to prepare ourselves. Donald Trump squandered this as cases of covert 19 surgeon states across the country, causing governors to impose new restrictions. Lionel Molly's ABC News the pandemics impact on the economy, Front and center as Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin testified before Congress, saying the latest data indicates significant improvement The rest of this year. We're in a strong position. Cover because Thie administration working with Congress on a bipartisan basis to pass legislation and provide liquidity to markets and record time police reform in New York City, where the City Council has approved a plan to shift $1 billion from the police Department to education and social services. Former Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper won the Democratic primary in that state and will face Republican Cory Gardner in November. You're listening to ABC News.

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