Repodcasting 32 Spider-Man 3 - burst 08



That Sam. Raimi was unhappy with how the film turned out, but He wrote it. He knows sure. well, what's interesting about that is that he wrote it. He directed it. Anything. That went wrong. Can't you kind of point the finger at him? Because he's also not some tiny little brand new director, who may be got the film hijacked from him like to me if there's anything that's wrong with it. That's the first place I'd look. Is that Sam Raimi? You know. What happened with these movies is, but they become over and fishes. What they want to do, and this one is a perfect example of that. They're trying to tell too many stories. They're trying to play too many characters into it and sometimes fiction to streamline things and go for something guy has a little bit more simplicity to it. You

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