#EERS S9 Ep114: Community Spread Stupidity - burst 02


Of this board makes it unconstitutional that the president is the executive. All Power of the executive branch of government flows from the president. You hear this talked about sometimes is the unitary executive under the the ideals of the founders you had congress and you had a president and under the president there were other people in those people's power flowed from the president. Those people cannot exercise power unless the president himself had power the Consumer Financial Protection Division was a board was put into the executive branch of government. That's where the administrative agency lies. Congress has created a number of administrative agencies and then made it. It very hard for the president wants. He picks the person in charge to get rid of that person and yesterday. The Supreme Court said No. All Power Executive branch flows from the president and the president can fire anyone who's not exercising his power, so the PB structure was bad. They're not going to rule the entire institution unconstitutional as they rarely do, but the whole structure the president gets to hire and fire. The president appoints the Senate confirms, and then the president can fire. It will just like any other appointee. That's actually a huge decision for conservatives that will benefit government long-term in the ability of conservatives to restrain the bureaucratic state. No one's paying attention to that one. They're paid into the abortion decision. And they're scratching their head because Roberts for years ago. Rule that the very law or or in a descent, said the very law that score throw. Yesterday was fine and yesterday. Robert says well it's it's the court shouldn't be doing this because started to sizes I'm GonNa? Let them. What's going on here? It is John Roberts exerting the independence of the judiciary now this is not a defense. Please don't hear me as defending John Roberts. He got it wrong yesterday, but I'm trying to explain to you. What's happening? Look at the last several cases that have come up a go back two years ago to the census case John. Roberts clearly has had enough of the trump administration. It

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