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LA, Natasha, Mitchell dropping into the science fiction podcast. When you don't, it is now I'm wacky that way, but I have a reason. I have an extra treat for you. We love traits so I record this conversation for what we call the big weekend of books on ABC, Radio, national and I think it will provoke you to see things in a very different way. I ask stories that certainly lay anytime soon especially in light of everything going on at this strange moment in history. Need three Australian authors who have fully milt the creative in crazy power of the novelists imagination, the lightest books really get us to look at the state of the world and the side of humanity. Through the eyes of other species so in Laura J. Mackay's book the animals in that country, a viral pandemic allows us to understand the language of other animals in James Bradley's ghost. Species scientists use ancient DNA to create a single neanderthal child, and in Flynn's hilarious book mammoth. He turns the job of narration. Over to you guessed it a third, thousand-year-old extinct mammoth. Jones increase. Thanks for joining me. Thank you. Hi Blow! It strikes me that this conversation was meant to be. Your novels are so bizarrely prescient right now they bring together these connected themes of extinction and apocalypse and pandemics and the state of humanity. I'm curious about what each of you feel. Landing these books at the present moment Laura. Oh It's been such a strange experience launching booking to a pandemic, and might even more strange by the fact that I think all of books. I know mine does deals with some aspect of those state of the world in my novel is a strange flu. That is called. Sue Flu that takes over the country and it's very very spreadable so having these things reflected in the book and playing out in the news cycle. It was just so bizarre like the three of them. They all speak to so powerfully. It's really weird. I mean Chris. Yours is like the prequel and the cool to. And the fact that we're all we're all. They're riding away. Not Talking to each other and the releasing these books and having these conversations is quite odd something in the air I'm thinking. I've quite enjoyed it to be honest. That's pretty perversive me. And I kind of think that all three of these books they all talk about our relationship with the natural world, and how we tend to elevate ourselves both the natural kingdom, and that has dr consequences for us, so you can ask for better timing. You're all using the voices of other spacey's to Talk To us about spacey's and Laura. Let's get a sense then of your characters story said in a wildlife animal park initially where we make the rough living alcoholic Jane Bennett. She's a part God. Her daughter-in-law Angela runs the park and then this bizarre. Pandemic hits. Zoo Flu. What does it cost to happen? Well? One of the main outcomes or symptoms of zoo flu is that once people get over the sniffle in the in the favor, they can understand what other animals saying not telepathically, but what all the animal bodies are communicating so at first especially for the main protagonist Jane. It seems like all who wishes have come true. She finds it really hard to get along with all the papal. She's very close to a Dingo cold sue. Sue and it feels like it's time, but of course once she hears what other animals have to say this the case with all the human characters. They realized that they're not saying that things that we want them to say they not saying. Hi, Hi I love you. Give me a snack. They've got deeper things at stake and the the way that they think about humans, the way that they are in the world is much bigger and much more frightening in humans would like. And I profanity challenge our role in their lives I. mean describe the chaos Connie judge. That unfolds as this pandemic spreads well as with the pandemic that we're witnessing now people reacting very very different ways. Some people take shelter and hideaway, and in the case of the novel, they often hiding from their hit so beloved fluffy, the cat who's lived with someone for years. Keep out on the straight in that time at other people, venture out and want to disparately. What animals have to cite them and often humans? Seeking an answer, we want animals animals to provide us with prophecy, a God, poetic vision of the future, but of course animals on he for us, and so much of the novel is about people realizing that the animals are are in the world for themselves, and they have they have their lives, and that humans aren't the center of the universe, and that's very very confronting to the human characters in the book. Yeah,

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