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In Brockton, has resigned amid backlash for a comment he made on the league's Facebook page,


According to the enterprise Down a youth baseball president Jim Maduro's criticized young people who took part in a black lives matter. Rally in Abington. He apparently posted quoting here. These young fools have no idea what their protest ng That quote drew an angry response from parents, among others. Leagues board of directors came out with a statement denouncing the comments from their president of 17 years before later announcing a new president was being appointed. Maduro's telling the enterprise tonight he wasn't forced out. Instead, he resigned. Seven of six the ex officer who shot and killed an unarmed black men in Atlanta has been granted Bond. A judge has ruled that the former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Ray Shard Brooks can be free on bond wireless cases pending bod for Garrett Ralph, who is facing felony murder was set at $500,000. The 27 year old black man was killed in a scuffle with the White officer. Outside of fast food restaurant June 12th fiends that led to protest and the arson burning of the restaurant. Jim Crystal, the CBS News and the New York City Council is expected to pass a more than $88 billion budget. Mayor Bill de Blasio says a 1,000,000,000 of that is going to community projects which will help with the racial divide. $87 million will be moved. To create widespread Broadband service in Nigeria for families that don't have it now that don't have access to the Internet. De Blasio calls this a win for police reform. But in response, liberal lawmakers and activists say it's just smoke and mirrors. They said that to the New York Daily News Seven of seven on W. B z the town of Norwood tonight declaring a state of emergency because of the effects of Sunday storm starting tomorrow. If you suffered major damage at your home because of that day, lose up to 4 to 5 inches of rain in some spots. Well, you're asked to e mail managers at Norwood Em, eh, Doc Gov. Again that email address managers at Norwood M. A doctor. Our resource is coming together to help you out. Officials in Norwood say they're also working with Norwood Hospital to try to get the flooded out facility back up and running as soon as possible patients. Dozens of them had to be evacuated yesterday because of effects from that storm. And former VP Joe Biden says if it's true that President Trump didn't read information and its daily briefing, he's guilty of dereliction of duty. Sources say the president was informed that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban on American service members in Afghanistan. I'm Stephen Portnoy, the president spokeswoman refused to confirm that the information about Russian bounties was in the written version of his daily briefing. Caitlyn Mcenany pushed back on the idea that Mr Trump just never read it. President does Reed and he also consumes intelligence verbally, Mcenany continues, stressing there was no consensus within the intelligence community that the Russians offered bounties. She said. This about her boss, this president. I'll tell you the most informed person on planet Earth when it comes to the threats that we face. House Democrats also had a meeting today at the White House about these reports after they left, they said they learned nothing. New Republicans are mostly defending president Trump agreeing with the White House that the intelligence was not verified. Seven

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