Washington, DC firefighters who survived COVID-19 donate their plasma to ICU patients


In all instances, restrictions remain in play. You must social distance and you must wear a mask. Mike Murillo w T o P News. More than 100 D C. Firefighters have survived Cove in 19. Many of them are now donating their plasma to help patients still struggling to fight the virus. I started having symptoms in April. I got a test and came back Positive, DC, firefighter said. Polish says his symptoms were mild compared to other cases they've seen in the district. But he says they persisted. I would start to feel better, and then my symptoms would come back a little bit worse each time, so it was like a roller coaster ride for about 2.5 to 3 weeks. Polish is one of more than 100 DC firefighters and NTS who survived Cove. It And he, like Assistant Chief John Donnelly decided to donate plasma to provide his

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