Joe Julia with you, Tucker Bagley is behind the glass. You guys


National Hamburger did someone with a lot of time on their hands. Every day is something it's some sort of national day. So apparently today and they say, you know, this is all made up in nonsense. But apparently today is National Social Media Day. Which, as we've learned a lot on this radio station, Social Media's not social nor media, but it is a thing. And here's what it got me thinking about. It got me thinking about how social media has actually made being a sports fan. Worse now am I more informed Because I have information, quotes. Articles play by play. Yeah, I have it all in my hand whenever I want it. Social media has made me feel more. Connected. Knowledgeable. Ah, I always feel like I know things instantly now about sports about news about whatever. But I think it has made being a sports fan worth. I miss not knowing as much not knowing every detail being surprised about a trade, assigning Hey, a move. Being a surprise for the line Up was one of those days when you don't know what the lineup was before you turn on the radio or put the game on. You didn't know now. Like for leading off and I'm excited to do them and we'll Phillies baseball in a couple weeks turned up, but Like

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