NFLPA tells agents to inform players of virus risks


The NFL Players Association has instructed their player agents to talkto all of their clients about the Ricks risk factors that could make them more susceptible to severe illness as the result of the Corona virus and Among the things they talk about Mike in this letter players who may suffer from chronic kidney disease or COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, right immune compromised state weakened immune system from solid organ transplant. Serious heart condition. Sickle cell disease type two diabetes. And then there's this one Mike, which is the first place I went when I saw this list. Ah, B m I r a body mass index. Of 30 or higher and let me be clear, according to the BM. If you have a body mass index of 30 hire your clinic are technically obese. Now. A lot of people would have some disputes with that, and I can understand why. But if you're talking about a B m E of 30 you have just described literally. Every single offensive lineman currently signed to a roster probably even go lesson that toe linebacker and or tight and I'll get to the heights and weights in a minute and understand when they had say all these things. It's not only the players, but remember, the NFL is not going to be in a bubble, so players are going to be going to practice. Flying two trips and then coming home to family. So again, you're going to be involved in, you know, are you single that may have have Ah say on if you're going to play You're married. You have young kids, You know that You're coming home to every day from practice or from runaway trip. So And what if some one of those kids you know if they have a weakened immune system, Do you want to take that chance? So this is not just the player himself, but also the family as well. But as Faras, the bm is now there are tons of charts author. I just kind of picked a chart that basically be, am I, you know Everybody understand. You know the height and your body weight your body Mass. So it gives you how how tall you are and the wait for your B and I, And there's a lot of discrepancy about there is soul. Listen, As I said, I picked up a chart. I'm sure people will tweeted ecological lingo, different charts. If you can't great because I'd like to see some different ones because some of them you look at our like, Wait a minute like the one I'm looking at right now. Says last I checked a six foot tall is 72 inches, Correct? Yes. Yeah, Okay. Just wanted to make sure that your question is good If you're six foot tall and you weigh £221 You are right at 30 bmo. You're right at the obese, which is ridiculous. If you're and then just keep going up because you start look at tight ends. Linebackers. Obviously, offensive lineman. They're usually that you know, anywhere from six to toe got 68 Let's go to like 65 Okay, six foot five. Or 64 76 inches, 64 If you weigh £246. That's beyond my 30. According to this chart, you are considered a

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