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#1293 Stop The Preface - burst 3


Is study Patterns Right Yup. HBO has easily become the woke. A of all the networks they are woke made a Netflix. Or the Netflix. Watch what's coming up? What's coming up? What's it civil rights, leaders and Blah Blah all skews that direction right, and now it's like Oh. We're GONNA. Take this hip hop sort of icon. Take him out to the woodshed and give him a beating. That doesn't feel HBO their theme. Building up the black culture and tearing down the white culture, but not. Given it to one of their own, essentially, so I did look at and go well, that's. that. They're going after this black icon this on HBO, now look if if it. If. It was a two part series on Fox or whatever then. Or whatever network it would make more sense to me. HBO Didn't make sense but. As you now? HBO, Max is an HBO is, but it's not. You can't tune in Hbo Max on Your DIRECTTV. It's different thing. It's like its own streaming service. It's kind of a pain in the ASS. Get you cut peacock for NBC Iraq. Thing, that's where they're going to put all the old fried stagnant, but didn't air on HBO. I don't believe so. I saw promos for it on on.

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