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Episode 78 Death is But a Handshake


It's pageant Mariposa. Dr Nece or Byron in the greatest show on earth doing death defying acts. The winner will be announced in the last episode ally. That lucky person will be able to select either the current cookie of the month or pick whether your favorites and sent to them, and have their artwork spotlighted us on our website and social media. The cookie makes great treat. They make great GM bribes and can serve as the tasty zero points around Kerry sent me a box that I happen to receive today and I tried pistachio cookies I and I have quickly found a new cookie. I never knew pistachio cookies could be delicious. They were soft full of flavor. Yeah, having dreams about the next one. I might actually to order another box soon. At some real flavor your game and make critical hit cookies your go-to giving treat. The next item is we have a date for our team twitch, which will be playing on July seventeenth and it has been a blast to play these each month, and we've had so many people come and visit, but we want more. We want to see all your what we imagined. His smiling faces on the other side of that computer screen. We have been playing jocks games. We have had plenty of people who have hung out with US joining and play the game as well. Our next game will be on July. Seventeenth and we WANNA see you there, so make sure you mark calendars. July seventeenth at six PM Pacific Standard Time and Yeah, we'll see there. Well with that, it's time that introduce you to episode seventy eight, inching ever closer to the breaking the triple digits it episode numbers, but for now here is death is but a handshake. If, you weren't the God of a mild inconvenience. What would you be the God of wet socks? I love. That is pretty well just giving people. What socks all the time? It just made me laugh. Say that. I would be the God of itches you can't scratch. I don't think that's mild either. Now we have to talk about our definition of what's a mild. Okay, so so my other one was the god of not having enough change. Of always being like one quarter of whatever it is, you're trying to always always faked. Of person that always has all the coupons in front of you at the register Mer again. That's not mild. Start screaming. That is do lines really well could Q. Like a champ like Oh i. know I hear like kill bill when someone's in front of me and just like. My biggest pet peeve is when people use the self-checkout and there's no. Or have you don't? Always tell it's when they actually someone who should actually be using it. And when it's someone who shouldn't you know like if you're going slow and it's something like this. This is actually a service for you. Fine, whatever go slow, but if you're someone who's just like chatting away and you have a cart full of groceries in your baby is there and you're like? Or they don't work it loop. Go Away assistance like. Seconds young people just need to use delivery options. You don't have to interact with those folks. That's too much. I mean right now. Sure Yeah I need control over my groceries. Yeah, that's the biggest problem I have is I like my I I'm very picky about fruit and so I- every time I've had food delivered. It's always been fruit I haven't been happy with so. Let's my. Life. I know we just had that. Was it the mild inconvenience? It's thoughts. Theft writer, the Second Unit Hawk. We what was going to say Oh, and then it comes to again. It has to be briefed. Otherwise wouldn't be minor, but just at brief little disconnects from your brain. Area that dovetails really well with what mine was. which was the god of making you forget what you were walking into the kitchen for? See. You have to go all the way back to where you were originally. Or. You can remember a whole Pantheon of theft. Okay. So, I have a pivot for this. What would be your RPG? God of minor inconvenience I would say. I, am the God of rolling a critical hit, and then critically not hitting to confirm. Creating on initiative. Yeah just generally creating on skill. That, you don't really care that much about yeah. We did a lot of that last episode they sure did. I'm GonNa do the thought theft thing again and I'm going to say I'm the God of when it's your turn in battle. You forget for a second what you had planned to do. Yes, God all the time I would be the DD over forgotten bonuses. Okay so for the longest time I winter. Ability gave me extra buffs on Shit that I didn't even know. Oh perception perception this hold time in three terrain I should have been. I've since adjusted, but I would five levels. Oh, no. I was looking at my printed character sheet, and it was under perception I was so pissed. What's worse about those? What's those only amplify with time as you get more and more stuff as you gain level, and there's just more and more to track, and the human brain is not meant to track all the bonuses you get as you level. What am I shield has a plus one to range ACC so have to remember of its this number of getting attacked by Bill Sword, but of an Eros coming at me. It's one hire. Jesus Christ. I would also say the God forgetting useful items that are in your bag. Yeah, that's that's a

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