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211: Suit (with Dan Lovley)



Andy, can I just say I I had my doubts at first, but the improvements that you've made to my filing system, have have really made this a lot easier to work with. I didn't think I could get to my art to forms and quicker, but but now they're just right there. Everything is I'm so happy to help you. Are you and I have noticed that your coalition skills are pretty impressive. How? Well Thank you I No one's ever. Ever complimented me on my coalition I. It's actually something I pride myself on a lot I Sorry allergies. Just I appreciate that. I'm happy to help. In any way you know I've noticed that while I've been here. You may or may not have been talking as much to how and I think that he might be feeling maybe a bit jealous, just a tad and I don't I don't want him to feel resentful of me. Oh I. I see you're. You're saying that. Perhaps he's having a morale management issue. I, I can't believe you notice that even before I did. Andy! You're just the best. SPEAK TO AL now. Hey, al.. Joe. What Listen I I was just speaking with Andy, and and he had a very perceptive observation that that possibly you, you might be feeling. Badly feeling second-best at not being able to help as much as Andy's been able to lately so I I don't want your morale to be suffering, so I figured I'd just give you this opportunity to to help me if you'd like. No I'm I'm busy now, actually Yeah, I'm. I'm shorting out a bunch of my wires to start small electrical fires so like I'm smoking everywhere now. Yeah? I'll do it died. Okay, well, that's great. Then you've got an activity that you enjoy pursuing that that you're going to engage in, so so you're probably doing fine. That's great I'm glad we could have this talk. This is a great talk and I'm glad you're listening to everyone else for me. Be Attracts I'm. Beatrix, you haven't come out to eat in a while. Andy says I mean I know you're in there. Hi, I'm in here besides tech that I. Said words. Well that helped what which is. What worried about you? Right, Andy we are. I'll. Sorry, Beatrix. I'm sure we can probably figure something out where you don't have to scream every time I talk, I don't have to do anything scream if I want to, and I do because it's a reaction to you coming into my space and privacy. I suppose that's fair. Bob and I just wanted to check on you to see if you were okay. And if you. Needed anything like a chocolate bar. I have a bag of them out here. He has half a bag of chocolate bars. Okay I may have been a little. What what kind of chocolate bars? Oh, there on. Coast Pistachio. That's disgusting. Daria Lower Mia was such crummy chocolate. Andy I don't know what to do. I'm really worried about her. Well. One thing you could do is just maybe give her the space that she needs and maybe leave the chocolate at the door. She might change your mind about the chocolate. But maybe or We could run a mission and eat. Emissions I can help with a mission Metoo, we could do a a say. Beatriz no, no. Make, sure be tricks is fine, Michigan. I'm in what you need from me Oh. I don't know I think we need to have a table with plans on it. They always have plans and like a plan of the base. Okay, I can pull up the blueprints schematics right here you can. Yes I'm I'm good at my job wows never done anything like this for me. Hey take the tricks. Yeah? Have, you noticed that this new this new? Is! He's just getting in everyone's business. Tile me about it. It feels like they've all forgotten about all the pretty terrible trauma that we've gone through with strangers. You know I mean exactly him. Only people can trust as you and me. Well. I'M NOT GONNA lie even sometimes you will laugh your occur, but. At least you're honest about it. It's it's been stressful times. WHO has not gone off their rocker? I'm just saying now's the time for us to realize in this situation you. We got to get rid of it I had gone out. Did. You want me to let Bartholomew and Bob know about your impending mutiny or should I just let you do it? The problem south. I can't I just can't I just. I just eat away from all of you with the voices in the what's inside my head and I? Just. Want a quiet. Why not take a walk outside the base? Do.

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