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Johnson and his partner were both shot multiple times during a Monday morning traffic stop. Partner reported to be critical but improving Congress Learning Maura about reported bounties fromthe Russians on the lives of American service people in Afghanistan. The White House's brief small groups of lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats on reports that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to target American service members. Our focus was What did the president know? And when did you know? House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer says a full intelligence briefing for all lawmakers is still required. Republicans say the intelligence reported about the alleged bounties is not conclusive and not verified. The evidence that I have seen and have heard Shows no corroboration between what was posted in The New York Times article. Still, Iowa Republican Joni Ernst says Russian President Vladimir Putin can not be trusted. On Capitol Hill, Jared Helper Fox News. There's been a shake up in the Trump campaign. Michael Glassner, who'd been organizing the Trump rallies, has been reassigned to legal affairs and Jeff to wit. Trump, 2016. Arizona chair joins the campaign as its chief operating officer. New York State prosecutors say they've reached an agreement to settle to sexual misconduct lawsuits on behalf of several women against Harvey Weinstein for $19 million. Attorneys for six women who've made accusations against Weinstein. All the settlements sellout that was unfair to the plaintiff's police in Hong Kong, using water cannon to disperse activists protesting against Beijing's new National security law, a protester carrying a flag and calling for Hong Kong independence. Has become the first person to be arrested under

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