ABC News I'm Richard can to Mississippi is retiring. It's state flag. The


Can to Mississippi is retiring. It's state flag. The one with the Confederate Stars and Bars Inn it Governor Tate Reeves, signing a bill calling for a new state flag, although he would have rather left it up to Mississippi. Voters have long believed A better path towards reconciliation for our state would be for the people to retire this symbol on their own at the ballot box. And I believe we would have eventually chosen that outcome. A special commission will be Tash to come up with a new design for a state flag to be submitted to Mississippi voters for approval in November Cove in 19 cases of surging in more than 30 states. California's governor has already shut down bars and beaches in several hot spots on Warren. Stricter. Stay at home restrictions may return Los Angeles County with over 100,000 cases alone,

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