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From ABC News. I'm Richard


ABC News. I'm Richard can to pandemic continues to range across the U. S. No fewer than 17 states have hit the pause Button on re opening and Kansas will impose a MASH man there on Friday. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announcing Monday she will issue a statewide order requiring Kansans toe wear face masks in indoor space is wearing a mask is not only safe But it is necessary to avoid another shutdown. The executive order and guidance are expected to be released Thursday. Over the last week. Hands is has seen the highest daily numbers since late April. Ryan Burrow ABC News president Trump isn't wearing a mask in public, but vice president Pence is urging everyone to wash their hands frequently and wear a mask. When you can't socially distance, it's not an either, or It's not whether we continue to open up or whether we Move in an opposite direction, but rather it's whether we take thes prudent measures that that will slow the spread. Speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden took the president to task for his Leadership in the pandemic. Donald Trump failed this month after month as many of us urged him to step up and do his job. He failed us. The pandemic Front center is Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testified before Congress as the economy reopens. Incoming data are beginning to reflect a resumption of economic activity. Many businesses are opening their doors. Hiring is picking up and spending is increasing. That said a full recovery is unlikely to occur until people are confident that it's safe to engage in a broad range of activities. In Portland, Oregon, there was a demonstration at Police Union headquarters, a demonstration against police violence targeting black people, authorities declared in a riot. And used tear gas to disperse the crowd. New York's attorney general and lawyers in a class action lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein announced a proposed settlement with Weinstein and his former studios board

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