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Opposed to a Corona virus


You know that that seems being developed around the world and FDA has received applications from double digit number of sponsors regarding vaccines for vaccines have been approved for moving into clinical trials. Six more are under consideration for the clinical testing phase. But that could take months to Dr Anthony Fauci of the Corona Virus Taskforce, adding, There is no guarantee and anyone who's been involved in vaccine ology will tell you That we will have a safe and effective vaccine, but we're cautiously optimistic. Dr Fauci, adding the best advice is still to wear a mask and a socially distance. Former Vice President Joe Biden holding his first news conference in three months on Tuesday, blasting the administration for its Corona virus response month after month as other leaders and other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control. Donald Trump failed US. A group of protesters in Portland, Oregon, converged Tuesday night on police union headquarters

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