Six tonight. Hard Wall Street.


Sunny San Diego Honda dealers Traffic Center South about 805 before Home Avenue. An accident blocking the right shoulder traffic is backing up to the eight and then north bound 15 before Deer Springs Road crash in the center divide in the right shoulder Sum's brake light action. Starting writer on the 78 westbound 78 It's Civic Center drive a crash partially blocking that on ramp. This report is sponsored by California Highway Patrol. I'm Lorie Kane Co. Goes next real time Traffic UPDATE is at 4 43 A San Diego If you've been laid off, at least once, you know, it's tough being worried it could happen again. There's a job that's always hiring people. Even when times get tough. It's the California Highway Patrol grape, a stability and a chance to make a difference. See for yourself. Go to CHP made for more dot com.

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