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Actually made as a movie. It's


Stage. So you feel like you're watching a Broadway production for sure you can even hear the audience clapping and laughing and cheering. But it's done like a movie with close ups and the long shots and action sequences in the camera moving around. I think that's another reason why the two hours go by so fast because it's not just a static camera pointed at the stage. I'm going to watch it, but I think I represent a lot of guys listening right now. They're saying, you know, really do I need that? Let me ask f cab. You have not. You have not seen Hamilton have not and what rich described to you. Do you think you'll watch it? If Rich suggests watching something I normally always watching, So I'll probably give it a world all right. I'll just I'll get you more interested. There's a little bit of a sequence about how he actually invented baseball. I didn't know until I saw this amazing for three. It's the numbers. Remember five cut out of the movie version Rich. We're going to talk about Carl Reiner, just a comedic

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