Former national security adviser John Bolton tells WCBS C can't confirm reports


John Bolton tells WCBS C can't confirm reports that he briefed President Trump last year about an alleged Russian plot. To offer bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan. Bolton's book, The Room where it happened, is now out as a general proposition and writing. This book was very, very determined not to reveal any classified information. I worked hard to do that even went through this four month long prepublication review process to get all the classified information out which the government eventually agreed that I had that. Issue remains to be discussed further. But you know, I don't I don't want to be in a position and even even in interviews where people can say that, ah that we've discussed something that that could be classified. Several reports say the president was briefed on the Russian plot as far back as March of last year. The White House denies that Russia denies It offered any bounties and some intelligence officials don't give the alleged plot much credence hits 9 41 sports. His next Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The

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