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Mad World. By the seventies, He moved


Seventies, He moved behind the camera to direct George Burns in Oh God before numerous collaborations with Steve Martin on the Jerk. He hates these cans and dead men don't wear plaid the words I can't weren't in her vocabulary wanted to do something for me. I can't Theeighties brought John Candy Summer rental while the nineties brought an Emmy for mad about you. For all this. He received the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain prize in 2000. Still, his biggest legacy might be son, Rob Reiner, director of the Princess Bride. And when Harry met Sally, in which Carl's wife, Estelle delivered the iconic line, I'll have what she's having. While Reiner didn't quite make it to 2000 years old, 98 years is a heck of a run. Remembering Carl Reiner, Jason Fraley, w Th The

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