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You're possessed of the devil. I feel so good Saint Vitus dance, You know? Listen, that band the last time I was out. A band inspired me. And you did a little dance. The last time you were here. And I was so happy I didn't have a heart attack. When you get to be my age, you lose certain faculties, you'll lose hair. You'll lose your ability to Remember people's names. That's a lot of movement that stuff so Now it's a point, by the way. I'm at the point in my life. Where was he Had a lot of things were going downhill. A lot of things. The ability to dance for 25 minutes without puffing. Would you like to take a break on dollies that something hilarious in his act? Tom's always does it dance and then he give me the microphone. And then he said he stands offstage after finishing Oh, man, All right. Carl Reiner. Carl Reiner not only directed the jerk, but he also had a brief appearance in it, so we're going to. We're going to play that in a little bit, but we also have him talking about and in Ocean's 11 so we're going to take a break. Come back Dan Feinberg's going to make a special appearance to talk more about Carl Reiner and his career early morning, stay safe and stay connected with Morgan Coke. Meyers Weather forecast and Sarah Ginger's

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