Tiz The Law Owner Jack Knowlton On Belmont Win


Will here it is Jack Knowlton visiting with Anthony's to bill on. Red Brand radio. Congratulations on a fantastic win. A lot of people feel like it was seventeen years in the making my friend. Well we finally got our triple. Crown for Sakho Toga for Barclay tag and took us two horses and seventeen years, but from what I understand. It's still kind of fight for Barclay There aren't a lot of trainers at You know is one three legs of the triple crown in recent years. Yeah and you know you guys together. Seventeen years apart, and with New York breads and I know that's the. The mantra over attack a Toga. You guys support that program as well as anyone. Well I was pretty fascinated to learn that it was one hundred thirty eight years since the new. York breaded, won the. Belmont stakes now I know a lot of people are going to say well, then really count you know at you know. It wasn't a mile and a half and Yada, Yada but. In my mind, anybody who watched that race, who questions who would have won that race? It has been a mile and a half. I think the outcome would have been exactly the same as it was at amendment eight. And, Barkley had gone on record is before the race saying you know I would have liked a mile and a half of the source, and he's a horse again. New York Brad and that's what you guys do, you? You've been high on this horse from day one. Well. I watched them train at Saratoga. I mean you're up there and I'd go over at six o'clock in the morning 'cause. That was a time of day that Berkeley landed of track. It was almost darker. She got near the end of the need of what's dark. And not only did he. You know have a good works, and you know work quickly, not crazy fast, but you know good works. But the way he galloped out, I mean they couldn't pull him up. He goes around the second turn. After you know going, pass the finish line and writers just added tremendously difficult time pulling them up junior. Alvarado was riding. Mine is is raised back then, and when I saw that we went into a first range of six and a half furlong maiden mates for New York. Badge I really had a lot of confidence and He's lived up to it so one little bump in a road when he got stuck down inside and the worst part of the race track and Kentucky Jockey Club At. The end of November other than that He really has been flawless. Yeah. That's lobby. Track back in November. He's just been He's been impeccable. The rest of the way the covid nineteen outbreak of course forced post moment of the Kentucky Derby the preakness to. The. Bom obviously the biggest change with the Belmont was not only the two weeks, but the distance. You've mentioned the ASTERISK. We'll get to that in a minute You guys pretty much. And gals I don't want to offend anybody in Saratoga those thirty-five parts of this. Is that accurate? Seven and funny is that I was that six or seventy? You guys and funny side. We had ten ten. Okay, okay only. The same folks lieutenant. And I the only holdovers class. You guys Gus Williams. He passed away several years ago as dead one of our other great partners Dave Man but Ruined I gave remaining to. Stay with it and never in the world expecting that we would get the kind of horse that we've gotten here with the law. And this was an important race for you to win Jack Not that you don't want to win. The Derby again or the preakness again, but the Belmont stakes with your dedication to new. York, Brad's and New York, and let's face it. you know in a game where horses changed hands an awful lot. You and Barclay have been together two decades at this point. This was a very important race for you guys to to tick the box on. It was, and now he's got one more coming up in my hometown Saratoga Springs I've lived thirty five years I know Barkley wants to win it badly as do I and. Really if we can you know, check this box. would include the champagne, which is the the most important two year old race. The Belmont stakes obviously being biggest Belmont. Race and We get the travers at Saratoga. That's quite a triple. And that's pretty remarkable. When you consider you know you started this twenty years ago. As pretty much. Just some friends getting together and buying some horses. We had six guys and Sackett Cyber. I find the eastern end of Lake Ontario I went to high school. We were having our usual. Memorial Day weekend, bearing barbecue, and my wife and I would go up there and visit and I had been in the harness. Business Standard Bread business I guess for about a dozen years and got out. In in ninety four. And somebody up there said well. Why don't we buy a thoroughbred and I said you know figuring I've never gonNA hear anything about it again. I said okay. I said you know, let's each put in five thousand dollars. I knew Tim Kelly at that point who's a trainer and works at is never now. so I got a hold of me and he found this a New York Brad for twenty two thousand dollars. We named him the second sex after the six of us. From Sackett Cyber and came up with the name sack Toga stable after sack I Saratoga and made ourselves Maroon and gray, which are high school college. So. That's how it all started.

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