Satire in Strange Times Week


This week's theme is satire. In strange times. The curator is Becka James. Here's why Becca chose the sleep. She says hello is Becka. James and the theme I chose is Satire Strange Times. I chose this theme because we're living in an exceptionally strange time and satire has the power to help process. What's happening and improve humanity by criticizing. Its Bali's and foibles. It will also allow us a hearty and necessary laugh. Here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by Becca along with short descriptions of each one first up is OPR's very fatal murder podcast. The episode chosen is the first ever of their first season in case you don't follow. Pr closely that acronym stands for onion public radio. It's from the onion. Expect very ridiculous levels of satire. Podcast made me laugh out loud. It is perfect the now times that we are in the next episode comes from a podcast called a woman smile and it's called a woman smile. Stylish it's thirty minutes long. Here's the description of the show. Women's smile is a podcast. Where Pattie Harrison and Laura Ramirez talk about well but especially the gentle and kind nature of a woman smile satire. Women are not gentle or kind. The next episode comes from a radio. Play called Lindsey. And it's called one God damn name. It's a fictional retelling of the story of the making of the parent trap and it is perfect. This first episode is mysterious and serious and will make you feel weird in a good way. Next up is an episode from a podcast. Called this Branchburg episode is called. Everybody wants to see my teeth. This podcast is about the fictional town of Branchburg New Jersey. In this episode. We meet Donald Franson who has a tying business. People come into the shop to have their ties tied each morning. And then what? I'll leave you on that cliffhanger. You must listen to learn the fate of Donald and the last recommendation comes from a podcast called bubble and is called hunters in this show. We meet Morgan. Who's pretty good at killing monsters? The narrator is topic. Evanston an actor and a writer who first came to the cultural consciousness at age twelve which she started a fashion magazine named rookie. The Morgan part satire. The taty stuff Israel. Why didn't you start a fashion magazine at twelve are the podcast and episodes recommended by Becca James this week for our theme Satire Strange Times? Hopefully these episodes will make you laugh a little and take your mind off. Reality Becca does satire. Thanks herself you can find out more and follow her on twitter at record flames. That's W. R. E. C. K. A. Flames each week in our newsletter which you can find and sign up for on our website ear buds podcast collective dot org are curator's have a chance to show off something that they love a project and nonprofit anything. Here's what BECO- wants us to know about. She says if you're looking for more podcast recommendations checkout vultures coverage where I write weekly comedy wrecks and long-form reviews and features also constant listener created by podcast obsessive and writer for the Av Club's pod mass. Ben Cannon is a great place to go for even more suggestions follow along with the discussion of this week's theme by using the Hashtag satire pods. Now it's time for podcast news each week on the show. We share PODCASTS. Industry News from the inside podcasting newsletter which is written by Sky Pillsbury. Here we go. I the inside podcasting. Podcast is back for season two. This is a show hosted by skype. Pillsbury where she interviews podcast creators about their craft in this coming season. Get excited to hear from Cara Swisher of Rico Decode Nigel poor and Alan Woods of ear. Hustle Moon Faces James Kim and so many more amazing creators

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