Apple launches new MacBook Pro with updated keyboard


The new MAC pro. Thirteen inch looks great for photographers. So this just got announced today on Monday when I record the podcast. Their new thirteen inch macbook pro. This is what I've been waiting for now. The fifteen inch. The new fifteen inch has already been announced but personally I like the thirteen inch a little bit better. I think is a little bit more portable in the screens are so good that I do just fine doing my work on it and I was really curious to see what the specs we're going to be on this new machine and what the pricing is going to be. So I'm going to go over the machine. The I think makes the most sense for photographers and that version has the Intel core. I five quad core processor right which is very nice. Eight gigabytes of Ram Onboard Ram. And then the five twelve gigabyte SSD. So that's the model that I'm talking about right now. It's not the cheapest one but there's only one up from the cheapest one by the way this laptop that I'm talking about brand new is one thousand. Four hundred ninety nine dollars. Seems like I paid that much or more for my existing thirteen inch which by the way I bought in early. Two Thousand Fourteen early two thousand fourteen. And it's you know it's still working. I to upgrade it. This one might be a machine that I do if I can get the scratched together to do it. But they are good investments seriously. They are getting investments. They they go and go and go. So what makes this new one kind of cool well has a number of highlights first of all this one has the new. Magic Keyboard has the redesign scissor mechanism. So that part I think alone at the keyboard on these new ones is the good keyboard not the one that has some problems a couple of years ago. Very nice retina display They made to the stereo sound better and they have these immersive stereo speakers in the battery. Life is a bit better to now. This one also has the touch bar. Which is very nice. The touch part self is actually a retina display as well and it's contextual depends on you know which APP you're renting as to you. Know what options are there on? It is sort of adapts Depending on what you're doing at the moment in a really makes it easier to navigate menus and things like that the power button has the touch. Id Sensor so you can quickly log in to the macbook pro. Just by you know putting your finger on their fingerprint and then you can also use touch. Id to make purchases over the web if you have apple pay. So that's another very nice feature so as I mentioned before the model that I like is the one thousand four hundred ninety nine dollar model one point four gigahertz eighth generation Intel core. I five Qui- core processor with a burst. Speed up to three point nine gigahertz and then it also has the eight gigabytes of Ram in the five twelve gigabyte. Ssd alrighty now in terms of supporting external devices is got thunderbolt three ports supporting bi directional transfer speeds of up to forty gigabytes a second while also supporting ten gigabytes per second USB three point one and device charging Scott Wi fi five eight zero two point eleven A. C. Built in for Wireless Networking Bluetooth. Five Point Oh which will allow you. To connect additional compatible peripherals and there is a facetime hd Webcam so nice looking machine comes in space gray or silver always kinda wanted the space gray version of Mac book. I don't know we'll see. This is the most tempted. I've been to upgrade my two thousand fourteen thirteen inch and We'll see how things go I'm posting of course the podcast on facebook. If you have any comments about this machine or if you're tempted to upgrade to it

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